Homeland Security

Often the most efficient method of law enforcement is achieved by viewing a situation from above. Indeed many police forces & Homeland Security agencies all over the world use manned helicopter units both in emergency and routine situations.

Police and Law Enforcement

Presently, almost all airborne police tasks are carried out by manned helicopters equipped with visual cameras, IR sensors as well as powerful spotlights.

Major drawbacks associated with the use of these airborne units are:

  • High maintenance costs
  • Dependency on skilled crew and staff
  • Danger to vehicle and crew during violent events

Police drones are already here! Several Police forces in the world us a UAV in its operations. The thermal camera payload is used to find hiding suspects and bringing to their arrest. The Seattle and Miami police have trained teams with a UAV and got a flying permit from the FAA. USA Today claims that police agencies around the USA soon could have a new tool in their crime-fighting arsenal: unmanned aircraft.

Steadicopter’s compact & mobile products are efficient and very useful for every law enforcement and homeland security task. Steadicopter’s Rotary UAVs have great advantages and can be suitable for stealth operations or regular patrols assisting other units from above, sending live video from the scene to the controller and to the unit’s head quarters. From checking an object to laying an explosive device without endangering personal. Traffic Police can keep an eye on roads and junctions, ticketing offensive drivers backed up by filmed proof. Contact us for more information.

Search and Rescue

When hikers get lost in the forest all they see around them is trees. Lack of water & food, injury, weather are immediate risks. During search & rescue missions there is a need to cover as much of the area as rapidly as possible without missing any spot. Use of unmanned helicopters in such missions together with rescue teams may save time and lives. RUAVs can scan forests and “hard to get to” terrain with various sensors and day/night cameras, without the need to endanger more lives. Using GIS maps to mark all units’ locations and scanned area, together with real time overview images aids and improves the Search & Rescue efforts.

The Black Eagle system is compact and mobile, making it suitable for mobile search & rescue units. The ability to lift off and land anywhere (VTOL) is a necessity in difficult terrains. The ability to hover and move in all directions (position trimming) gives the ground viewer more time and ease to scan objects and track the required object.

Over the ocean it is very hard to scan without loosing orientation. The use of a rotary UAV with a GPS assures that little is missed and every spot is scanned. This is important for all terrains but especially difficult over the ocean where the view is monotonous and everything looks the same to the human eye.

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