UAVs have already made their mark in revolutionizing the military in various fields like border patrol, intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR).

Both manned and unmanned aircrafts have been in use for military applications for years. While manned helicopters are used in all military areas, stabilization and navigating problems have hampered the use of unmanned helicopters.

One of these areas is the introduction of rotorcraft in marine & navy applications. Unmanned helicopters are “perfect” for marine tasks, such as surveillance, observation, Electronic Warfare and more. Their advantage is the inherent characteristic of vertical take off and landing (VTOL).

Ground military forces can gain great advantages too, as Steadicopter rugged products such as Black Eagle 50,are compact and mobile designed to meet military demands.

From organized battalions to special operation units launching a RUAV from a backyard or rooftop, the support in battle is crucial. Border patrol units or installation patrols can use a quick to deploy unmanned aerial system to aid security efforts and even switch manned patrols. The advantage of stopping and hovering makes RUAVs a perfect escort for military convoys through dangerous zones choosing the best camera angle available.

An unmanned vehicle can enter danger zones where humans cannot walk or fear to be hit. This is true especially in areas hit by unconventional warfare, such as chemical and biological hazards. Scanning an area can be safely done without endangering human lives. A RUAV can hover at low altitudes using sensors custom for these types of missions or hover high above and direct emergency units on the ground. It is the best unmanned way to get a clear & stable picture of the battlefield and to control forces from above.

Using the Steadicopter Conversion Kit, any military manned helicopter can be converted to an unmanned RUAV. Without the need for a pilot, a gas tank can be added or ammunition for increasing the helicopter’s usage in the battle field. Contact us for more information.

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